Barfotakvinnan presenterar vårens nyheter om hälsotrenden: Jordning – Medvetet Barfota.

1) Bli certifierad Jordningsguide! 👣

2) Earthing Community – nytt nätverk för kraft, glädje och hälsa! 💚

Webbinaret är för dig som:

  • Ser fram till att få ett nytt verktyg som hjälper dig själv och dina klienter att varva ner, balansera sin kropp och återknyta till det jordnära.
  • Har vana att leda grupper. Kanske är du redan yogalärare, instruktör, lärare eller annat. 
  • Vill ta nya steg att bidra med hälsa och njutning till folket.
  • Känner längtan att hitta fler källor till intäkter som ger större levnadsutrymme för din egen del.
  • Längtar att få bidra med att sprida ny kraft, hopp och glädje. 🧡

Välkommen online 22/4 19.00

Gratis webbinar – säkra din plats! 

1080X1080 Lilian barfotakvinnan öken gratis webbinar


Att bli en certifierad Jordningsguide är helt nytt och unikt i hela världen.

Välj kursen "Certifierad Jordningsguide" om du vill vara med och bygga det nya "nya" och dessutom få ett nytt unikt holistiskt redskap att erbjuda som ger mer energi till kropp och själ, minskar stress och ger en ny anledning att återknyta till naturen.

Vårens sista kursstart 29/4

1080x1080 Jordnings guide

Earthing Community – For Natural Self-Healing with laughter, togetherness and creative planning based on lunar forces. 

Expand your physical, mental, and spiritual development through inspiring and nourishing time with other like-minded people. 

Now you do not have to feel alone on your journey to thrive in all parts of your life. 

Join our worldwide community for Natural Self-Healing

where the trend of making skin contact with Mother Earth - Grounding, becoming consciously barefoot, will be a tool in focus alongside other tools, for a curious exploration that strengthens your physical, mental, and spiritual development. 

We meet online every new moon. You get to listen to an inspiring lecture, and you get help to set your desired goals for the upcoming lunar cycle. A lunar cycle begins with a new moon, goes through the full moon to the dark moon which is the last day of the lunar cycle before a new lunar cycle begins. 

The new moon is an ideal time to set up intentions and goals that you will develop as the moon grows toward fullness. Putting new intentions and planning according to the lunar cycles gives a sense of direction and togetherness. 

New friends 

It is easy to feel alone on your journey of personal development and to go from weak to strong, from sick to healthy. 

Here you get the opportunity to share your experiences, strengths and hopes with other participants. In our Community there is the opportunity to find friends who are interested in the same things as you. At every online meeting, there is the opportunity to exchange thoughts and make new contacts. 


Every month on the day of the new moon, you can participate in our online meeting. You will also have access to a platform with inspiring films, links, and other in-depth material on grounding, breathing, nutrition and spiritual sources of inspiration. 

All to help you on your way to prosperity. 

Open to anyone with the right intentions! 

You pay 8.3 EUR, 9.8 USD, 85 SEK / month. You can unsubscribe at any time if you wish.

  • Lilians kursverksamhet

    “This woman knows what she is talking about. She has an amazing intention for us to realise our self-healing capacity. Thank you Lilian Alterskjaer for everything you are and do!”

    Health Strategist

Listening to Author Lilian Alterskjaer on The Abundance Coaching Institute Show.

Hosted by Resident Expert Carla Trigo , who will be interviewing outstanding guests from different walks of life on her show every Friday at 10:30 AM EDT - 3:30 PM UK.

Carla Trigo, also known as the "Provocative Changemaker" is on a mission to transform the lives of individuals who wish to shift their mindset and live life in a creative and holistic way.

Her guest this week is Author Lilian Alterskjaer.

Lilian is known as the barefoot woman, with roots in Northern Sweden and the wild flora and fauna of Lapland, she is known as a positive and dedicated source of inspiration for change and development.

The imprints she makes on Earth are like kisses in the sky.

Join the conversation this Friday between these two inspiring ladies!

You will be able to watch this show LIVE simultaneously on:

Expert Tv

listen to Lilian's speech on HerStory International Women's month USA/Canada Central 26- 28th March

An Online Summit to bring Women globally together on “Making the Impossible Possible."

Meet author Lilian Alterskjaer, known as the barefoot woman, with roots in Northern Sweden and the wild flora and fauna of Lapland, is known as a positive and dedicated source of inspiration for change and development. 

Title of here story: Discover the power of being Consciously Barefoot – and you get the best key in natural self-healing.

Click on the link and listen to Lilian's speech (This is a recording from the event, 17 minutes long)

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Affich her story

Hälsosamtal med Linus Noremalm som ställer nyfikna frågor om Jordning 210318

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Hälsosamtal m Linus omslagsbild